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Published on Apr 15, 2019 2,962 views

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Good Morning Marmy!
In today's vlog we try to teach the kids about Vaisakhi (an important Sikh holiday). I also have a long list of to do's for the day...I don't actually get many of them done but it's such a beautiful day out and a relaxed family day that I can't really complain! I also tell you about some exciting things coming up!

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  • UniquelyMelody
    UniquelyMelody 1 week ago I wish they taught children and adults more about religions. It would demystify it for so many people as there are so many misconceptions. I’m not very religious but I enjoy the spirituality of other religions and learning about their peoples. Hope you had a good holiday. Lots of love to all your family 💜💜💜💜💜
  • Gauri v
    Gauri v 1 week ago Happy baisakhi to your whole family🎊💫
  • dee sheppard
    dee sheppard 6 days ago Good luck in Austin sorry can't follow you on Instagram its a Facebook company and some of the things they been involved in lately I have trust issues with that company sorry
  • Zainab Ahmed
    Zainab Ahmed 1 week ago Also, because I live in Quebec, I'm dealing with the Quebec government's plan of wanting to ban religion symbols for people working in government jobs. That's just gonna create more overall hatred and racism. But we went to a protest last Sunday where we people were taking pics of our sign and one thing I saw was so beautifully. So basically, my dad wore a shalwar Kareem with like kind of a patka for the protest. And this group of Sikh men, all in parkas, called him to join their picture and they all had theirs arms around each other and around him! That's just priceless!
    MOM BOSS OF 3 1 week ago I'm so happy to hear that. We all need to support each other. All humans are equal and I really hope that ban is a flop. It's a violation of human rights.
  • bhill005
    bhill005 1 week ago Tina, to answer your son Jora's question, as a fellow hooper, I really dig that basketball hoop in your backyard, haha🙂
  • kimberly didia
    kimberly didia 6 days ago Tell your son it's a really great basketball net!
  • Amrit Cheema
    Amrit Cheema 1 week ago Happy Vaisakhi to everyone xx
  • Amanda Perumal
    Amanda Perumal 6 days ago Totally cool basketball net 👍
  • Gabby
    Gabby 1 week ago I love your vids
  • Priti Srinath
    Priti Srinath 1 week ago God bless you always didi
  • Amrita Bedi
    Amrita Bedi 1 week ago Happy Vaisakhi :) to you and your family.... Jora can upload videos on youtube in the future for fun... good job Jora....
  • Irmas 95
    Irmas 95 1 week ago Hello Tina!!! 🥰🥰🥰 Haopy Baisakhi!!! 🌹🌹🌷💕
  • Gurpreet Kaur Gill
    Gurpreet Kaur Gill 1 week ago Happy Vaisakhi ❤️
  • Athira Nair
    Athira Nair 1 week ago (edited) Happy Baisakhi to you and the fam 💟. I'm from Kerala, India and today is Vishu here. So happy Vishu too. I am terrible when it comes to getting rid of stuff. Like I refuse to let anything be thrown out of my room even though I haven't seen or used the item in the last decade. My mom is so not a fan of it 😅. Also no matter how much I shop, I end up having nothing to wear because my sister just keeps taking the ones she likes from my wardrobe and then it magically becomes hers.
  • Wilma
    Wilma 6 days ago No light coloured sofa ;). I have three boys, too....just saying.
    MOM BOSS OF 3 5 days ago lol I hear will have to be leather I think...or leather like...i'm not about cleaning stains!
  • Whats This Then? Lucchi Supremeson
    Whats This Then? Lucchi Supremeson 1 week ago ♡
  • Preet Rayat
    Preet Rayat 1 week ago First Happy Vaisakhi to you and your family. Speaking our children about our culture is important. I find it not that many parents do speak about our culture, it’s a beautiful culture . You know in Sikhism we believe in equality between man and woman. We did had female Warriors! One of them named by Mata Bhag Kaur, popularly known as Mai Bhago was the first woman in Punjab to fight on a battlefield in 1705. Her name was featured among three of the most badass women in history by BBC on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Something to be proud of. There’s a lot more to our culture.
  • Amarjot Rao
    Amarjot Rao 1 week ago Happy baisakhi to family
  • taylor Saguma
    taylor Saguma 1 week ago This is cool
  • Catherine Lacey
    Catherine Lacey 1 week ago Yes to the merch. Hopefully if it happens, it can be shipped to the UK
    MOM BOSS OF 3 1 week ago It will for sure be available to UK