It’s never been easier to see the world by motorcycle with more companies offering incredible experiences on two wheels. But where should you go, what should you pack and how do you ride abroad?

BikeSocial talks to some of the biggest and best motorcycle tour companies at Motorcycle Live to find out.

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  • Banditmanuk
    Banditmanuk 2 months ago One thing for sure, you don't need a BMW GS or bespoke touring machine to go touring. Use what you've got, make sure its serviced and go for it. All these tour companies will take a big wedge of cash off you to organise your trip. It's more fun and more satisfying doing your own thing, ride at a pace you are happy with, don't try and do huge daily miles. Enjoy👍
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 2 months ago Seconded!
  • RoRo
    RoRo 2 months ago Great video, thanks Michael and team.
  • Lamb Chop Rides
    Lamb Chop Rides 2 months ago Some great tips and tricks there!
  • Adam Efrat
    Adam Efrat 2 months ago Most important tip for touring in my experience..... 100% Merino wool base layers, I lived in mine for 8 weeks under my riding gear and you can do away with clothes basically. Perfect for cold weather riding from the north of Canada all the way down to the heat of Baja. I highly recommend Icebreaker but any 100% brand will do, no smell no moisture retention... I won’t leave home without it.
  • Toby
    Toby 2 months ago Adam Efrat, yep agree on the base layer. Try Decathlon online for more affordable options of base layers 👍
  • PK Bikes Adventure Tours
    PK Bikes Adventure Tours 2 months ago Me The 1st Hello Every One !
  • Genuine Comments
    Genuine Comments 2 months ago I wince ever time I see people riding in T shirts rider or pillion I know it may be hot done it myself in shorts and flip flops. No more, come off once and it may not be your fault, believe me an elbow goes to the bone it a second.
  • G.B. Agricola
    G.B. Agricola 2 months ago "Wrong side of the road in Europe"? We're driving on the right side, haha!
  • aaron harris
    aaron harris 2 months ago Nathan Millwards an interesting chap will be finding out more about him and his journeys.
  • Nick Headley
    Nick Headley 2 months ago Nathan is awesome, I fully recommend his books.
  • sighheinrich
    sighheinrich 2 months ago That Garbage Run guy is right on.
  • Dave D
    Dave D 2 months ago May need to update this soon re Europe unfortunately (and I mean that from a riders point of view, not a judgement of whatever way anyone voted) Check emission rules if visiting cities as these can vary from city to city (as well as times of the day and days of the week) and.... think what you are doing when turning left out of a junction! Sounds stupid, but that one little lapse of concentration can easily have you pulling out onto the wrong side of the road. Done it myself a couple of times and seen others do it as well.