Public Holidays Controversy - PM Express on JoyNews (5-3-19)

Published on Mar 5, 2019 1,379 views

Government's desperate search for legacy
All who fought for our independence must be celebrated - Acheampong
Dr Nkrumah's role can't be downplayed in Ghana's liberation struggle - Ablakwa

  • Cojo Opoku
    Cojo Opoku 2 months ago Ablakwa is very naive to believe this baseless narrative.
  • Cojo Opoku
    Cojo Opoku 2 months ago A waste of my precious time. How can one person be responsible for obtaining independence? It just flies in the face of common sense. You can go to blazes for all I care.
    MR WENDEL 2 months ago You support this cos your name Ends with ''Opoku'' ,read your history books
  • Eric Bediako
    Eric Bediako 2 months ago Togbe Amega is very naive. If you have the type of Nana Addo in your family you will thank God.
  • Victor Kofi
    Victor Kofi 2 months ago This ugly dwarf will destroy Ghana period
  • Michael Appenteng
    Michael Appenteng 2 months ago (edited) Evans the premise for this discussion is totally bias and parochial. Repeatedly referring to these people as relatives of the president downplays the whole issue. Who are they really? What were their contribution towards our independence in the history of Ghana? You happen to have ended the discussion even before it began. As for Hon. Ablakwa, he is my man but it's propaganda as usual.
    MR WENDEL 2 months ago Npp under Nana Addo is a wrecking ball.. a curse to Ghana.