Sad but Real Story. Russian Villagers celebrate Holidays. Maslenitsa - Pancake Week 2019

Published on Mar 11, 2019 22,004 views

Filmed in Grebnevo Estate (Grebnevo village, Moscow region, Russia). March 2019

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  • plngym
    plngym 1 week ago This is why I watch YouTube, I will likely never make it to Russia, so it is nice to see what the country actually is like. Very nice to see, and amazing to see Russians
  • Boris Vinokurov
    Boris Vinokurov 5 days ago Us government always lying. They are afraid that Americans know the truth.
  • Malone Mantooth
    Malone Mantooth 1 week ago (edited) I'm American I love my country more than Anything but Russia comes in a close second!! So much Pride and history, I hate that our governments don't get along. Edit: Just Subscribed because Driving across Russia is on my bucket list!!
  • Google Skype
    Google Skype 1 week ago Malone Mantooth The Jews in American government hate the Russian people.
  • marscont
    marscont 1 week ago The Democrat Party would prefer a nuclear war with Russia than for Trump to be successful, that is how deep the Dems/liberals/commies hatred of Trump is. As he would say ... Sad. As this two year witch hunt ends with no collusion with Russia they will now set their aim on his family and business, they will not quit.
  • Malone Mantooth
    Malone Mantooth 1 week ago @marscont; It's sad, Trump wanted Russia back in the G20 too. Russia and America would be great friends I think.
  • Xocnuc
    Xocnuc 1 week ago the main problem is that usa people and their elits are different nations
  • татьяна иванова
    татьяна иванова 1 week ago @Google Skype в России любят простых американцев .
  • marscont
    marscont 1 week ago @Malone Mantooth My main concern is another 50 year cold war waste of time and money.
  • Malone Mantooth
    Malone Mantooth 1 week ago @marscont: Too many Dangerous weapons now. A nuclear war would be the end if the planet now.
  • Valerie Coon
    Valerie Coon 1 week ago @marscont that was a ignorant comment. I am a Democrat and people like you and fox news cause more division.
  • Hershel Lacey
    Hershel Lacey 1 week ago Liberal Democrats care about Russian people as much as anyone.
  • Gunner
    Gunner 1 week ago @Hershel Lacey your figure heads speak out other wise. the media will jump on any opportunity to smear Russia
  • Hershel Lacey
    Hershel Lacey 1 week ago @Gunner Trump is corrupt.
  • marscont
    marscont 6 days ago @Hershel Lacey The Russian people favored Trump at 85% over Hillary. Look it up.
  • marscont
    marscont 6 days ago (edited) @Valerie Coon First, "ignorant" doesn't apply to me when it comes to news, I start with the Israeli papers, then I check Fox, CNN, MSNBC every day and sometimes even the networks. I'm well versed on the news, I suggest you look in a mirror, you might see real "ignorance" there. One more thing, the Russian people favored Trump at 85% over Hillary. Look it up.
  • Hitesh Kundlas
    Hitesh Kundlas 3 days ago india much better than both ..cold places ..better drive around himalayas
  • Drackkor
    Drackkor 1 week ago That weather looks just as bad as Wisconsin never ending winter :(
  • Igorek
    Igorek 1 week ago Drackkor this type of weather makes you younger and you also drop calories.
  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
    GaslitWorld f. Melissa B 1 week ago I think I might be 1 of 100 people who loves cold, winter weather. I live in MI and while everyone is complaining and waiting for spring, I am loving the winter and smiling. Funny though, when summer comes, they'll complain about how hot it is. Michigan tends to have humid summers with 80 degree days. Some folks just have to complain, no matter what. I understand though, that if it's icy out, driving can be hazardous.
  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
    GaslitWorld f. Melissa B 1 week ago @Igorek Well, it doesn't work in MI. We are one of the fattest states in the US. My town is mostly a drivers paradise with a lot of unpaved sidewalks. Plus, MI winters last up to 5 months, beginning roughly in November and lasting up til March/April. We have had snow in April. Food is cheap in the US, despite complaints to the contrary and we stay inside and eat our way through the cold.
  • james faiat
    james faiat 1 week ago I agree, it looks as gray as a Chicago winter day.
  • james faiat
    james faiat 1 week ago I agree, I love winter in the U.P.
  • Oliver Sutton
    Oliver Sutton 3 days ago @GaslitWorld f. Melissa B 5 month winter? Oh no, that's like regular winter. And Michigan winters are mild.... Tho what I've figured is that if a person grew up with winter (playing outside all day as a kid) they tend to love winter no matter what. Me included. It has to be snowy tho. And I hate great lakes winter cuz humidity gets unbearable. Only -7 outside, but chills get through your bones regardless the amount of layers you put on.
  • Hugh Wagnon
    Hugh Wagnon 1 week ago That one place where people were lined up for food had some really great stuff cooking. I'd like 1 of each.
  • Martha Chambless
    Martha Chambless 1 week ago Me too! Lol
  • Koos Fernhout
    Koos Fernhout 1 week ago My favorite Youtube Channel.
  • ApplePie 2019
    ApplePie 2019 1 week ago It's very slushy. I like that people enjoy folksie events there. Sometimes things like that can be more enjoyable than canned fun. The food looks yummy. God bless from S. Carolina, USA.
  • Rusalka and Sanya: Provincial Russian Life
    Rusalka and Sanya: Provincial Russian Life 1 week ago Churros, shashlik and plov - such strange treats for Maslenitsa 😀 We need blini! A beautiful place, but it doesn`t look like spring at all. I`m so happy that our spring has already come and the weather in my city is getting better and better!
    SQSNSQ 1 week ago I'll have shashlyk any time. But yeah, Maslennitsa without blins - is nonsense!
  • Rusalka and Sanya: Provincial Russian Life
    Rusalka and Sanya: Provincial Russian Life 1 week ago ​@SQSNSQ I think that most Russian people think the same about shashlyk :-D But I always imagine blins and baranki and some pirozki when I think of Maslenitsa :) And tea from a samovar :-)
  • Pekka Johannes Virkkula
    Pekka Johannes Virkkula 1 week ago In Finlad also blinis are the thing. We called this Butter week. Every restaurant have then blinis in their menu😋
  • Warren Wilkins
    Warren Wilkins 1 week ago Also known as Cheesefare Week. Those following Orthodox tradition have already given up meat. It is time to use up milk products before the fast.@Pekka Johannes Virkkula
  • Digvijay Parmar
    Digvijay Parmar 1 week ago Thank YOU 😂😂😂Alex is hungry.
  • Christine Cosser
    Christine Cosser 1 week ago Great video. Looks like so much fun. Best wishes
  • FloFly Berlin
    FloFly Berlin 1 week ago (edited) this is so warm and nice to see the people celebrating their life..💛 Gruß aus Berlin an euch ☺
  • Xocnuc
    Xocnuc 1 week ago berlin is my city number two in the whole world (after my hometown)! lived there for 3 weeks and berlin will be always in my heart! cheers from russia! russia loves germany
  • Nicoletta Ciccone
    Nicoletta Ciccone 4 days ago @Xocnuc So sweet of you! Greetings from Italy and I like Russia.
  • c annett
    c annett 1 week ago Ahhh. You two are cute. Handsome Alex and his beautiful lady. C from the little cottage in Ireland 🍀🍀🍀
  • J D
    J D 6 hours ago Can't stop watching your videos. I found one today and now I am on my 5th one 😮.
  • Robin
    Robin 1 week ago Hello Alex and Valeria! Another interesting video, thanks for sharing, I very much enjoy learning about your life and country. Thank you.
  • jirrenno
    jirrenno 1 week ago крепостные = serfs, not quite slaves, but close
  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 1 week ago did Stalin make them dig those ditches ?
  • palibrae
    palibrae 1 week ago Isn't that the word for "prisoners"?
  • Deb Partin
    Deb Partin 1 week ago These small festivals are much more interesting than big festivals
  • Shui Ki Cheung
    Shui Ki Cheung 1 week ago Russian loved horse riding and ski motorcycles probably Russian loved traveling and visiting foreign countries!There's apple trees there's apple pies!
  • Allan Hawkins
    Allan Hawkins 1 week ago Serfs is the word, not slaves exactly, under a feudal system, Serfs would be bonded to a Lord of Baron and would work some of the time for him and some of the time for themselves, but they could not move from the land without their Lords permission.
  • T T
    T T 1 week ago In the 1086 Domesday entry for our English village, serfs are listed. Slaves are not!
  • grafvonstauffenburg
    grafvonstauffenburg 1 week ago Love a look at pre-Revolutionary estates.....regardless of condition! Show us more......anything Romanov...!!!
  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
    GaslitWorld f. Melissa B 1 week ago I find the buildings charming. I'd love to rehabilitate them and use them for homes and services: barbers, dentists, salons, cafes and restaurants. I prefer mixed use properties, so people can walk to the various services, rather than needing a car.
  • Logica Redux
    Logica Redux 1 week ago I can always tell when it is Maslenitsa in Russia. I can smell the pancakes cooking all the way from here. 😀
  • ImixSpb
    ImixSpb 1 week ago Watching Grebnevo village I always expect to see how Lars's flag flaps in the wind.⛺😀
  • Logica Redux
    Logica Redux 1 week ago ImixSpb - He took his wife’s family name. Anna Grebneva. I wonder if it is the same family Grebnev?
  • ImixSpb
    ImixSpb 1 week ago Logica Redux Indeed, the name of this village and the surname Grebnev have the same root, it's <гребень> a comb, but there was no one among all owners of Grebnevo village who had such a surname.
  • Макс М
    Макс М 1 week ago @ImixSpb Здесь возможно название не от фамилии , а от расположения например на гребнях холмов.
  • ImixSpb
    ImixSpb 1 week ago Макс М Согласен! Похоже что краеведы не очень-то озадачивались этим вопросом. Существующая информация очень скудна.
  • Billy Pate
    Billy Pate 1 day ago I see the reason your partner (Alex) wanted you to go first at the beginning, so you won't film him fall on his backside if slipped on snow & ice?