Remember Your True Self | Embrace The Journey Of Authenticity And Discover Your True Life Purpose

Published on Feb 8, 2019 56 views

How To Remember Your True Self. Feel Free To Subscribe, Like Share And/Or Leave a Comment!

Read here my full story on how I overcame narcissistic emotional abuse and embraced my journey of authenticity.

0:05 What do I mean with "Creating a Place To Re-member?"
0:20 What is the True Self and how does that relate to authenticity?
0:55 How come we as empaths and high sensitives have lost touch with their true self and became in-authentic?
1:25 How I created a identity that was based on survival, approval and acceptance by others which caused more separation from my true self.
2:05 How poor financial decisions made me realized I was always feeling empty, unhappy and needed something to fill me up.
2:30 How real authenticity should look like in a nutshell.
3:48 Could seeking "alone-time" also be a form of in-authenticity?
4:19 What this YouTube channel is all about and for who it has designed.

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