HOLIDAY Official Trailer (2019)

Published on Jan 7, 2019 423,617 views

HOLIDAY Official Trailer Movie in theatre soon.

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  • Syd Clark
    Syd Clark 2 months ago Ok I've now watched it and here's my review. The acting from some of the small parts wasn't bad, the cinematography was either well done or expensive. Or maybe both. Overall... It's actually terrible. It didn't go anywhere, no story, no catch. Nothing to keep your attention. I watched the full film (almost an hour and a half) just t write this. To save YOU the effort. Go rearrange your sock drawer ;)
  • Polo Loi
    Polo Loi 2 months ago b...bu...but... i don't have a sock drawer
  • Es Can Or
    Es Can Or 2 months ago Thank You !!!
  • psyentiphiq
    psyentiphiq 2 months ago Is it worth a few tissues, and protein? I got half a chub when she was passed out on the bed, and the guy was taking off his belt on this trailer.
  • Srushti Kadam
    Srushti Kadam 2 months ago Bless you
  • Right Nasty
    Right Nasty 2 months ago "It didn't go anywhere" That's not even remotely true. There's a definite character arc with respect to the protagonist. There's suspense, there's some mystery, there's character development, and there's an ending that provides a good resolution to the story. The plot IS a little loose, but I suspect that's more due to European film storytelling sensibilities.
  • rustbucket11 0
    rustbucket11 0 1 month ago Syd Clark thx bro
  • Thandruin
    Thandruin 1 month ago Øh, but we are sø sørry that the pløt did nøt adhere tø sirs brøthastic preferences, with everything nøt expløding in a car crash every thirty secønds, ør fake, inflated bøøbies bøuncing arøund, or super herø røbøt warship fighter jets with gøøgly-eyed aliens and lasers gøing pew pew. Øur møst sincerest øf apøløgies frøm this humble Danish film studiø. Perhaps sir wøuld care tø prøceed tø the next screening øf the upcøming Avengers møvie?
  • Oskar Buvarp
    Oskar Buvarp 3 weeks ago @Thandruin Øh my gød!! yøu danes are SØ FUNNY! thanks a løt
  • Morning Wood
    Morning Wood 4 days ago How original, Danes in Turkie
  • B
    B 1 month ago and you wonder whats trafficking, makes me remember "Elles" (J. Binoche)
  • compactdreams
    compactdreams 2 weeks ago If you fancy American commercial movies maybe this is not your film. Not necessary a film has to have a story neither a closed end. This film is good for the people who like Denmark, Netherland or Sweden movies which got its own time and a tempo that maybe for some people don't like. The characters of the film are very complete I would say that is a love story (not American-Jennifer Lopez movie) in their own way. There is a drug Lord who got a dark desire to his girlfriend that makes you feel that he doesn't know what to do with her even you don't know what kind of person is her for him. On the other hand, you've got a social perspective of those unknown group of family or friend you see in Saint Marteen or Cassis (France) who are very wealthy that you don't really know. A movie never is to feel complete, utterly live, it just feels.
  • Jack Meahoph
    Jack Meahoph 1 month ago Just finished watching this mind numbingly boring piece of crap & I can say without reservation that it is one of the worst films I've ever seen.
  • Wolfgang goethe
    Wolfgang goethe 1 month ago I didn't understand the trailer, probably I wouldn't understand the film either.
  • Joseph Yeampierre
    Joseph Yeampierre 2 months ago Dope sound track
  • Banliyö Günlükleri
    Banliyö Günlükleri 2 months ago Hayret bizimkilerden gelen olmamış hiç buralara :)
  • hayri bastak
    hayri bastak 2 months ago biraz erken konustun :)
  • ahmet severler
    ahmet severler 2 months ago @hayri bastak as bayrakları as as as
  • Emre emre
    Emre emre 2 months ago Cüneyt özdemir den gelenler
  • Right Nasty
    Right Nasty 2 months ago (edited) A very interesting movie, no doubt. But if you're not used to foreign films, you won't like it. Look for the RAPIDCOWS torrent for the uncensored version.
  • psyentiphiq
    psyentiphiq 2 months ago Does she show her pussy?
  • Adri Rafi Putrayuga
    Adri Rafi Putrayuga 2 months ago Nah, your taste of film suck
  • Right Nasty
    Right Nasty 2 months ago @psyentiphiq Not really, it's a wide shot of her on the floor of a living room showing penetration at both ends.
  • Right Nasty
    Right Nasty 1 month ago @Hopping Mad Media I have no idea. Just download the uncensored torrent and then buy the censored version on if it'll make you feel better.
  • Syd Clark
    Syd Clark 2 months ago (edited) Looks good to me, gonna download now and see ;)
  • ahmet severler
    ahmet severler 2 months ago As bayrakları as as as
  • Adri Rafi Putrayuga
    Adri Rafi Putrayuga 2 months ago oh wow,1 ANGLE CAMERA (you will understand after u watch this)
  • Sandeep Mehta
    Sandeep Mehta 4 months ago Great thumbnail. That's the American way. 😎
  • Tribalquake
    Tribalquake 4 months ago name of the song, please?
  • David Roubideaux
    David Roubideaux 4 months ago Sinner man. But I don't know who's singing the song.
  • Tribalquake
    Tribalquake 4 months ago @David Roubideaux Thanks!
  • Skeuomorph Hiraeth
    Skeuomorph Hiraeth 2 months ago "Sinnerman" performed by Martin Dirkov, Violin by Frederik Thybo
  • Martin Tausen
    Martin Tausen 2 months ago Ocean man
  • f d
    f d 2 months ago @Skeuomorph Hiraeth THANK YOU !!Big time i was looking for this version but couldnt find anything Here is the link
  • Mohd Saif
    Mohd Saif 1 month ago @f d thanks man
  • Mr Grumpy
    Mr Grumpy 4 months ago The song is good!
  • Kara A
    Kara A 4 months ago Abusing under age girls who consent to it due to having daddy issues? Artsy filming can't cover up a crap story.
  • joe bob 47
    joe bob 47 4 months ago I think hollyweirdos think its a thing. its not. and this only the 457th time this crap has been done.
  • vitalic
    vitalic 4 months ago pleb
  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith 2 months ago Kara A you are correct
  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith 2 months ago No U thats not at all what he said, you stupid bitch
  • CheapSkateSimmer
    CheapSkateSimmer 2 months ago @joe bob 47 You do know the movie is Danish right?
  • Foxx Wallace
    Foxx Wallace 4 months ago Wonder what your daughter will learn from this?
  • Bobo Boy
    Bobo Boy 4 months ago They learn to be more dumb than previous generation
  • Deyvid Martínez
    Deyvid Martínez 4 months ago Cuál es esa película??
  • Micah
    Micah 4 months ago "Holiday"
  • Houssem Bzi
    Houssem Bzi 2 months ago whose voice is in the song please ? it's so amazing !
  • Skeuomorph Hiraeth
    Skeuomorph Hiraeth 2 months ago "Sinnerman" performed by Martin Dirkov, Violin by Frederik Thybo
  • Houssem Bzi
    Houssem Bzi 2 months ago @Skeuomorph Hiraeth thank you very very much ! :)