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An important part of any festive event is the decoration of the festive table. If you want to surprise your guests or to please children at a children's party - learn how to fold napkins beautifully.

For large-scale celebrations, the presence of linen and paper napkins is an invariable part. The design of the table includes the art of folding napkins in various ways to give a sophisticated appearance. The originally folded napkins give an extra charm to the table setting. With them you can decorate your everyday or festive table to create a cozy and festive party atmosphere. Today, when setting the table at home, paper napkins are preferred, but for a more festive atmosphere, use linen napkins.

Napkins folded in the form of animals: elephants, frogs, bears, and so on, will be suitable for a children's holiday. For a romantic dinner, you can fold napkins in the form of a rose or a heart. At the anniversary a variety of flowers from the napkins will look great. For the Christmas - a Christmas tree of a green napkin.


2:24 How to fold a napkin in the form of a rabbit
3:28 How to make an elephant out of a napkin
7:41 How to wrap cutlery in a napkin
11:13 Christmas tree from the napkin

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